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"We are writing stories with light and darkness, motion and colors. It is a language with its own vocabulary and unlimited possibilities for expressing our inner thoughts and feelings". - Vittorio Storaro

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Director:  Jason Lehel

Screenwriter:  Michael Adams

Genre:  Romantic / Drama


Inspired by a chance at real love, a young homeless man braves the beautiful, weird, dangerous streets of Los Angeles and confronts the violent burdens of his past in a journey to win the heart of a captivating woman and earn a second chance at life.


The shoot will take place in Venice, surround areas and general locations in and around Los Angeles. Casting notices to be announced soon.


Directors:  Jason Lehel

Screenwriter:  Michael Adams

Genre:  Dramatic Comedy


Miguel is going nowhere fast. He fully embraces his role in the lost generation, barely navigating his superficial relationships and consistently disappointing the two people who have raised him… his Mother Esmeralda and grandfather Jefe. But when Jefe reveals that he has only a couple of weeks left to live, Miguel has to step up, take responsibility and drive Jefe down to Southern Mexico so the old man can die in his hometown of Kiss the Sky.

When three of Miguel’s old college buddies come along for the ride, the trip becomes too much for Miguel to handle! Not only does Miguel have to care for Jefe’s challenging and disgusting physical ailments, he must referee his relentless pals and keep the trip focused amidst the endlessly erupting hilarious conflicts along the way.

Jefe has his own agenda. He choreographs a meaningful meandering route that has Miguel questioning the real purpose of the trip, and forces Miguel to come face to face with the responsibility of caring for his own life… without Jefe to constantly save his behind.  

As the road trip from hell finally runs out on Miguel and Jefe, the torch of true manhood is grudgingly passed through laughter, tears, fistfights… and plenty of roadside tacos!


Directors:  David & Mark Dodson

Screenwriter:  David & Mark Dodson

Genre:  Comedy​


An edgy teen comedy in which a brilliant, but damaged high school senior, finds himself trapped at a weekend-long religious retreat with a group of zealous devoted teen believers and a dangerous nun, all determined to save his soul – even if it kills him.


Director:  TBD

Screenwriter:  Michael Admas

Genre:  Thriller


Los Angeles Police Investigator Eldon Taylor’s crippling crisis of faith turns into a life and death battle for justice after he ties the double murder of his two nephews, Mormon ‘Lost Boys’, to a polygamous community.


The investigation takes him to Provo, back to his hometown after a ten-year estrangement, to face his bereaved family, the powerful religion that held sway over his youth, and to confront his crisis of faith head-on.


To find justice he must first peel back the layers of the polygamists, and expose one group of the victims of that world… the Lost Boys, in spite of the fact that the polygamous community will resort to anything, including violence, to stop him and keep their secrets.

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