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"You have to really be courageous about your instincts and your ideas. Otherwise you'll just knuckle under, and things that might have been memorable will be lost". - Francis Ford Coppola




The films is set to the beautifull and moving music of Hans Zimmer and a stunning poem by the 15th-century mystic poet Kabir.

Hommage celebrates and honors life and those who most would imagine should be at home on their sofa but have chosen instead to live outside the box, some would say to the extreme.


After finally taking control of her career and putting a destructive marriage behind her, Marilyn Monroe is at the peak of her powers.  But her fragile psyche is no match for the old demons; addiction, mental illness and a toxic obsession with the President of the United States. 


Her final hours unfold in fractured violence, a lament for a love that never was and the ultimate acceptance of her inevitable tragic end.



Staring Sharon Stone, from Moscow to Las Vegas, “Love in the Big City 3”  - “большом городе 3” is the HIGHEST GROSSING FILM in Russian history. 


This third in the series sees the gang return, this time to Las Vegas - where their funny adventures and romance continue as the team must get St Valentine to kiss the famous Movie Star in order bring all their lives back in balance.


Adel Abidin's art instilation, Michael, which displays in the Helsinki's Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma,  is the story of Michael Jackson, resurrected from the dead as a prophetic figure. 


While being interviewed on a television talk show, the ultimate pop culture altar Micahael, unveils universal truths about the world we live in. 



Haunted by a family tragedy, the beautiful yet tragic Carmen takes to the open roads of the American southwest, looking for healing and redemption, only to find herself confronted by the most terrifying and violent threat she has ever faced… her own mind.


A visionary series about health and happiness in the intense, hard-hitting, day-to-day pressure cookers that many cities have become. 

There is almost an unbearable harried pace, mutual alienation and distance from the rhythms of nature and of human nature that keeps us pressured. The series will explore these issues and offer thoughts, opinions and true stories of emotional, relational, behavioral aspects of well-being that contribute to individual and public prosperity and the ability to survive the "cooker".

In order to survive LA one has to help LA survive. 


Two Hours from London is a passionate polemic about the war in the former Yugoslavia. The final film by Jill Craigie, it outlines the role played by Serbian nationalism in Yugoslavia's break-up, and how the opportunism of Serbia's president Slobodan Milosevic led to the worst genocide in Europe since the end of the Second World War.


An extremely moving, beautifully made film--and with it's unique production background and budget, well, it pretty much epitomizes everything independent film should be;  one of the best US indies I've seen in a few years” - Jane Schoettle, programmer at Toronto International Film Festival.

Gaia is the story of Emily, left for dead under the scorching sun of the barren Arizona desert & discovered by of a group of native Americans. She's taken to the reservation under the care of Ed and his Grand Daughter, Jerica.


Emily resists their hospitality  & lies barely conscious for days. Eventually, the innocent free spirit of Jerica begins to break through. Images and dreams flood her consciousness, which in turn, illuminate the sad truth of her time prior to the reservation and force her to make a choice to surrender, embrace & rebirth out of chaos, or to die in the grips of darkness. 

Premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2010 &  winner of 10 international festival awards.


“I’ve helped so many kids to solve their every day problems over the years. I contacted ten people who were children 30 years ago in my Frosted Flakes commercials, and asked them what their problems are now in their 40’s. See how I helped them!”​


A soldier from the Iraq war who tries to return to normal life back home - a fresh perspective, a unique human drama.

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