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IN DEVELOPMENT: The Table of Ancients. A true story of the youngest memeber of the Table, Zeysan, who's journey from Mercenary to Monk is one of the most amazing stories of our time.

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After finally taking control of her career and putting a destructive marriage behind her, Marilyn Monroe is at the peak of her powers. But her fragile psyche is no match for the old demons; addiction, mental illness and a toxic obsession with the President of the United States. Her final hours unfold in fractured violence, a lament for a love that never was and the ultimate acceptance of her inevitable tragic end.

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From Moscow to Las Vegas. Russia's number one romantic comedy series and feature film series, "Love in the Big City #3" большом городе 3, was produced in Las Vegas by First Breath films, Jan/Feb 2013. Shooting continues in Moscow until late June and release is scheduled for winter 2013! TRAILER HERE

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FEATURE FILMS: "Coyote Requiem", currently in post, is the second feature from First Breath Films. "Gaia" was completed in 2009 & was officially selected and premiered at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival.
TELEVISION: We are currently developing two programs for network, cable & beyond. As technology advances, so do the platforms & strategies. We see this as an opportunity, not as a nuisance. The more growth, the more exciting!
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SHORT FILMS: We strongly believe in supporting future film makers through the genre of the short film. Not only that but it's a lot of fun. In First Breath Film's previous life, we produced five shorts, all of which won numerous international festival awards. We now have two in development, one shooting fall 2011 & seeking more. Please contact us if you have a submission to offer. We strongly
DOCUMENTARIES: It's been 16 years since Jason Produced the award winning documentary for the BBC on the war in Bosinia, "Two Hours From London". It's time we got him back out there, so with that in mind, several docos are in the early development. More info shortly.
First Breath Films is a Los Angeles based film, TV and multi-media production company dedicated to Evolution in all aspects of the production process.
The Company focuses on telling authentic stories about the Human Experience, always with an emphasis on the Human Spirits' ability to adapt and overcome the most tragic events Life can offer. 
Led by Producer / Director / DP Jason Lehel, a veteran of the industry for over 32 years, First Breath Films wholly embraces the advances in technology that have put power back into the hands of the artist.